What if the cutter can't cut things?

What if the cutter can't cut things?


In our daily life and work, we often need to use cutting machines to cut all kinds of materials, such as metal, plastics, wood, etc.

However, sometimes we will encounter the cutting machine can not cut things, which will not only delay the work process, but also may damage the cutting machine.This article will discuss the reasons for cutting things and processing methods, to help you solve this trouble.

What if the cutter can't cut things?
What if the cutter can't cut things?

I.Analysis of causes

There are two main reasons why the cutting machine can not cut things: the problem of the cutting machine itself and the cause of the cutting object.

Problems with the cutting machine itself

(1) Blade wear: long time use will lead to blade wear, affect the cutting effect.

(2) Insufficient power of the cutting machine: in the face of thicker materials, the cutting machine power is insufficient to cut.

(3) Mechanical failure: the internal mechanical parts of the cutting machine are damaged or displaced, resulting in the normal cutting.

Was cut by why

(1) The material is too hard: when the cut material is too hard, the cutting machine can not cut in.

(2) Material surface pollution: the dirt, oil and other substances on the surface of the cut material, which hinder the cutting.

(3) The material is too thick: when the cutting material is too thick, the cutter cannot penetrate.

II. Processing method

For the problem that the cutting machine can not cut things, the following treatment methods can be adopted:

Replace the cutter blade 

If the blade is found to be badly worn, the new blade should be replaced in time to ensure the cutting effect.

Adjust the cutter parameters 

Try to adjust the parameters such as the power and speed of the cutter in order to better adapt to the different cuts.For example, for thicker materials, the cutting speed can be increased appropriately or the higher power cutter can be replaced.

Change the position of the cut material

Try to adjust the position of the cut object so that it is more parallel or vertical to the cutter.This helps to improve the cutting effect and avoid the lag phenomenon.

Preprocess the cut material

For surface contaminated cutting, can be cleaned or removed surface impurities, in order to improve the cutting effect.In addition, for the thicker cut, some rough machining, such as drilling or underlining.

III. case analysis

Taking an actual cutting machine as an example, the reason for the cutting machine and treating things.

problem description

When using a cutting machine of model XX, it was found that the machine could not go smoothly when cutting a thick metal plate.The cutting machine shows an obvious lag phenomenon, and the blade has left a very shallow scratch on the metal plate.

analysis of causes 

After inspection, it was found that the cutting machine is low power, unable to cope with the thicker metal plate.In addition, the surface of the metal plate is also relatively rough, containing some impurities and rust, hindering the cutting of the cutting machine.

processing method 

According to the above reason analysis, the following treatment methods are adopted:

(1) Replace the high-power cutting machine blade: in order to deal with the thicker metal plate, it is necessary to replace the higher-power cutting machine blade.By contacting with the supplier, I bought a high-power XX model cutter blade to better deal with the thick metal plate.At the same time, the blade is also carefully installed and adjusted to ensure its adaptability and stability with the cutting machine.

(2) Pre-treatment of the metal plate surface: in order to remove impurities and rust on the surface of the metal plate, some chemical cleaning agents and mechanical grinding tools are used to treat the metal plate surface for pre-treatment.During the treatment process, pay attention to protect the edge and surface quality of the metal plate, to avoid causing additional damage and deformation.After pre-treatment, the surface quality of the metal plate is significantly improved, which is conducive to improve the cutting effect.

(3) Adjust the parameters of the cutting machine: for the problem of insufficient power of the original cutting machine, the cutting speed and power are appropriately improved by adjusting the parameter setting of the cutting machine.This helps to improve the processing capacity of the cutter, allowing it to smoothly cut into the thicker metal plates.

At the same time, attention should also be paid to observe the adjusted cutting effect and further optimize according to the actual situation.

Through the application of the above processing method, the cutting machine has successfully completed the task of cutting the thick metal plate, and the cutting effect is good, there is no obvious lag phenomenon and scratches.This also validates the effectiveness and utility of the above treatment methods.

IV. sum up

This paper mainly discusses the reasons and reasons of the cutting machine cutting things and the processing method.By analyzing the reasons and taking corresponding measures, we can help us better deal with the cutting problems in different situations.In practical application, we need to pay attention to the following points: firstly, check and replace the cutter blade regularly to ensure that it is in good working condition; secondly, select the appropriate cutter parameters and blade type according to the material and thickness of the cut material; finally, calmly analyze the causes and take corresponding measures to avoid the loss and damage caused by improper operation.I hope that the content of this article can provide some help and enlightenment to the readers in solving the problems in the use of the cutting machine.

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