Why did the generator not react?

Why did the generator not react?


Generator is one of the very important equipment in modern society, it can convert mechanical energy into electricity, to provide us with a continuous and stable power supply.However, sometimes we encounter situations where the generator does not respond, which is very confusing and worrying.So, why does the generator do not respond?How should we solve this problem?This article reveals the answer to this question for you.

Why did the generator not react?
Why did the generator not react?

Research and Development of generators

The research of generators can date back to the early 19th century, and with the continuous progress of science and technology, the types and principles of generators have become more and more diversified. According to energy type, generator can be divided into thermal power generation, hydro power generation, wind power generation, nuclear power generation, etc.; according to output power, generator can be divided into large generator, medium-sized generator and small generator.

Different types of generators have different application scenarios and advantages and disadvantages.

Basic structure and principle of the generator

The generator is mainly composed of three parts: rotor, stator and excitation system.When the rotor rotates in a magnetic field, it produces a rotating electromotive force, which is dependent on the velocity and the strength of the magnetic field.The stator is the shell of a generator, which can convert the electromotive force generated by the rotor into electric energy.The excitation system is to control the strength of the magnetic field device, it can adjust the size of the output voltage.

The reason why the generator does not work properly

Mechanical failure: Due to long-term use or improper maintenance, the mechanical parts of the generator may wear, loose or break, causing the generator not to work properly.

Electrical fault: the circuit system of the generator is very complex, if the circuit appears open circuit, short circuit or component damage, will also cause the generator can not work properly.

Insufficient fuel or poor quality: for thermal power plants, if the fuel is insufficient or the quality is poor, the boiler will be unable to generate enough steam to push the turbine around, so that the generator will not work properly.

Magnetic field disappearance or weakening: the excitation system is a device to control the strength of the magnetic field, if the excitation system failure, it will cause the magnetic field to disappear or weaken, so that the generator can not work normally.


Solution to mechanical failure: For mechanical failure, we need to carefully check and repair the mechanical parts of the generator.If wear, loosening or fracture, need to be replaced or repaired in time.

Solution to electrical faults: For electrical faults, we need to conduct detailed inspection and repair of the circuit system of the generator.

First, you need to find the fault point of the circuit, and then replace or repair the damaged components.Pay attention to safety during the inspection to avoid more serious faults caused by improper operation.

Solution to insufficient fuel or poor quality: the fuel problem needs to strengthen the management of fuel supply to ensure the adequacy and quality of fuel.At the same time, strengthen the maintenance and overhaul work of the boiler and steam turbine to ensure their normal operation.

Magnetic field disappearance or weakened solution: for the failure of the excitation system, the excitation system needs to be checked and repaired.If the excitation system is faulty, it is necessary to replace the faulty parts in time to ensure that the magnetic field can be generated and adjusted normally.

preventive measure

In order to avoid unreactive failure of the generator, the following precautions are required:

strengthen the daily maintenance and maintenance of the generator, regularly check and lubrication the mechanical parts, to ensure the normal operation of the mechanical parts.

Check and repair the circuit system regularly, and find and handle the existing electrical faults in time.

Ensure the adequacy and quality of fuel supply, strengthen the maintenance of boiler and steam turbine, and avoid normal failure due to fuel problems.

Strengthen the maintenance and maintenance work of the excitation system, regularly check the operation condition of the excitation system, to ensure that the magnetic field can be normally generated and adjusted.


Generator is one of the very important equipment in our daily life, and it can provide us with a continuous and stable power supply.

However, if the generator has an unresponsive failure, it will bring great inconvenience to our life and work.This paper analyzes the causes and solutions of generator nonreaction, emphasizing the importance of preventive measures.I hope that through the introduction of this article, we can have a better understanding of the principle and maintenance knowledge of the generator, to avoid unnecessary losses caused by improper operation.


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