How to Use the High-pressure Cleaner and Precautions

How to Use the High-pressure Cleaner and Precautions


High-pressure cleaning machine is a high-pressure cleaning equipment developed at the end of the last century, it is mainly the use of high-pressure water generating equipment to produce high-pressure water, and then through the nozzle will be converted to a high degree of pressure energy gathered water jet kinetic energy to complete a variety of cleaning tasks.

How to Use the High-pressure Cleaner and Precautions

How to Use the High-pressure Cleaner and Precautions

High-pressure cleaning machine as a physical cleaning equipment, because it is based on high-pressure water jet technology cleaning equipment, with no pollution, no corrosion, low cost, high efficiency, use a wide range of advantages, it has been widely used in food, petroleum, chemical industry, shipping and other areas of equipment cleaning.

I. The Correct Operation of High Pressure Cleaning Machine

High-pressure cleaners are a good kind of cleaning equipment. So how to use it correctly to improve its efficiency and extend its service life? In this article we will introduce some methods of how to use the pressure washer correctly. These include the following nine points, which are:

1. Before using the high-pressure cleaner for cleaning work, clean the rust and impurities in the high-pressure pipe and equipment.

2. Must use clean tap water directly from the tap connected to the machine water supply, strictly prohibit the presence of sand and other harmful impurities in the water.

3. High-pressure cleaner power supply should be 380V, 50HZ, yellow/green wire requires grounding.

4. High-pressure cleaning machine fuel as much as possible to use 10 # or higher quality diesel fuel, oil tank can not be short of oil, oil is strictly prohibited moisture and impurities.

5. The correct switching procedure must be strictly enforced. When switching off, the hot water should be switched off first, and continuous rinsing until the equipment is completely cooled down, and then the cold water should be switched off, which is the correct operation procedure.

6. It is prohibited to place the high-pressure cleaner in an environment where the temperature is lower than 0 degrees Celsius to prevent the remaining water from freezing and affecting the use of the high-pressure cleaner.

7. The amount of lubricating oil in the pump must be maintained and must not be less than the oil level limit of the red dot in the centre of the oil window.

8. Must follow the diesel fuel filter to keep timely exchange or cleaning process.

9. Must follow the work of flushing the scale deposited in the intake pipe from time to time.

In summary, is the use of high-pressure cleaner for cleaning the correct operating methods, the operator must follow the above principles in the use of the process, in order to make the high-pressure cleaner to play a better role.

II. The Use of High Pressure Cleaning Machine Precautions:

In the use of high-pressure cleaners, need to pay attention to the use of safety issues, the user needs to operate in accordance with the correct use of methods to avoid causing equipment failure or other negative accidents, then we need to pay attention to what problems in the use of high-pressure cleaners?

1. You need to always wear proper protective tools such as gloves, goggles and masks during the use of the pressure washer.

2. During the cleaning process, don't let your hands and feet touch the nozzle of the pressure washer.

3. Before using the pressure washer, always check that all electrical connections are working properly.

4. To regularly check the high pressure washer hose whether there are cracks and leaks, has been found to have faults to be replaced in a timely manner; regularly to check all the liquid.

5. Try to work with the lowest pressure possible, provided that this pressure will be sufficient to complete the cleaning job.

6. When not using the gun of the pressure washer, leave the setting trigger in the safety lock position.

7. Always release the pressure in the washer before disconnecting the hose.

8. Remember to drain the hose after using the pressure washer.

9. Never point the gun at yourself or others!

10. Before starting the unit, be sure to carefully go over and make sure all hose fittings are locked in place. Test the water supply and allow proper water flow through the gun barrel. Ensure that all of the above procedures are in order before connecting the required cleaning nozzles to the spray gun barrel.


The above is OO Power Machinery Co., Ltd. compiled on the use of high-pressure cleaner steps and precautions. If there is any missing matters welcome you to add in time. Once again, we remind everyone in the use of high-pressure cleaner, the user needs to strictly follow the instructions for the use of high-pressure cleaner operation.

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