The Use of Hedge Machine and Precautions

The Use of Hedge Machine and Precautions


Hedge trimmers can be used for both greening maintenance, landscaping, and tea tree pruning, and are one of the commonly used tools in landscaping projects. Hedge trimmer has many advantages such as simple operation, low noise, lightweight, and so on, so it is loved by users. The following is the introduction of the use of hedge trimmers and precautions. It helps facilitate new and old users to understand the advantages of hedge trimmers and use them smoothly when trimming greenery.

The Use of Hedge Machine and Precautions

The Use of Hedge Machine and Precautions

I. What is The Hedge Machine For?

Hedge trimmer, also known as hedge clippers, is a portable garden tool for single person use. It is suitable for tea gardens, parks, gardens, roadside hedges and other landscaping professional pruning. Hedge trimmers can trim flat, diagonal, square, round, trapezoidal or special shapes according to the requirements of the job, and the cuts are smooth and beautiful. Hedge trimmers are very suitable for families, property communities, institutions and other use.

II. The Use of Hedge Machine and Steps

1. Switch off and cool the engine, mix unleaded petrol (two-stroke machines) and oil in a ratio of 25:1 by volume and fill the tank with oil.

2. Turn the circuit switch to the "ON" position, close the damper lever, and press the carburetor pump ball until there is fuel flow in the return pipe (transparent).

3. Pull the starter rope 3 to 5 times to start the hedge trimmer. Turn the damper lever to the half open position. Allow the engine to idle for 3-5 minutes, then turn the damper lever to the "ON" position. The engine will work normally at the rated speed.

4. When trimming with a hedge trimmer, keep it smooth and neat, with a consistent height. Tilt downwards at about 5-10° for trimming, this will save more effort and improve the quality of the trimming.

5. When operating, the operator's body should be on the side of the carburettor and never at the end of the exhaust pipe to avoid being burned by the exhaust gases. Adjust the control throttle as needed for the job to avoid excessive speed.

6. After trimming, stop the machine, close the throttle and clean the shell.

The above is the specific use of hedge trimmers. In addition, due to the hedge trimmer is installed with high-speed reciprocating movement of the cutting knife, if the operation is wrong, it will bring danger to the human body. Therefore, pay attention to some matters when operating as well as make sure to operate safely.

III. Things to Note Before Using a Hedge Trimmer

1. Please be sure to read the instruction manual carefully before use. Make clear the performance of the machine and the precautions for use.

2. The hedge trimmer is intended for trimming hedges and shrubs. To avoid accidents, do not use it for other purposes.

3. Hedge trimmers are fitted with cutting knives that reciprocate at high speed and can be dangerous if operated incorrectly. So do not use the hedge trimmer when you are tired or uncomfortable, after taking cold medicine or after drinking alcohol.

4. The gas emitted from the engine contains carbon monoxide, which is harmful to the human body. Therefore, do not use the hedge trimmer in poorly ventilated areas such as indoors, in greenhouses or in tunnels.

5. Do not use it on the following occasions: 

(1) When it is difficult to maintain a stable working position due to slippery footing.

(2) When it is difficult to confirm the safety around the work site due to dense fog or at night.

(3) When the weather is bad (rain, wind, thunder, etc.). .

6. When using the hedge trimmer for the first time, be sure to ask an experienced person to instruct you in the use of the hedge trimmer before you start the actual operation.

7. Excessive fatigue can reduce concentration, which can be a cause of accidents. Do not overstretch the operating programme. Each continuous operation should not exceed 30 to 40 minutes, followed by a 10 to 20 minute break, and the operating time in a day should be limited to less than two hours.

8. Minors are not allowed to use hedge trimmers.

IV. Labour Protections When Using Hedge Trimmers

1. When using the hedge trimmer, wear clothing suitable for outdoor work and wear the following protective items:

(1) Operating cap (helmet to be worn when working on sloping ground) and long hair should be tied up for protection.

(2) Dust-proof glasses or face shield.

(3) Wear strong, sturdy labour gloves.

(4) Non-slippery, sturdy shoes.

(5) Earplugs (especially for long hours of work).

2. Please be sure to bring the following supplies.

(1) Machine attachment tools and steel files.

(2) Spare fuel suitable for use with hedge trimmers.

(3) Replacement blades.

(4) Appliances for marking the working area (ropes, wooden signs).

(5) Whistle (for joint work or in case of emergency).

(6) Machete, handsaw (for removing obstacles). .

3. Please do not work in trousers with wide legs or bare feet, sandals or straw sandals.

V. Precautions for Fuel Use

1. The fuel used in the engine of the hedge trimmer is a mixture of motor oil and petrol, which is flammable. Do not refuel or store fuel in places where it may catch fire, such as incinerators, burners or cookers etc.

2. Do not smoke when working or refueling.

3. If there is no fuel in the process of using, you must stop the engine first and make sure there is no smoke or fire around before refueling.

4. If fuel is spilled during refueling, be sure to wipe the fuel adhering to the body before starting the engine.

5. Seal the container after refuelling and then start the engine more than 3 meters away from the fuel container.

VI. Precautions Before Work

1. Before starting the operation, find out the condition of the site (topography, nature of the hedge, location of obstacles, danger level around the site, etc.) and remove obstacles that can be moved.

2. The danger zone is defined as a 15-metre radius from the centre of the operator. To prevent others from entering the area, rope it off or put up a wooden sign as a warning. In addition, when several people are working at the same time, they should greet each other from time to time and keep a certain safety distance.

3. Before starting the operation, carefully check all parts of the machine body, and make sure that there is no loose screws, oil leakage, damage or deformation before starting the operation. Especially the blade and blade connection parts should be carefully checked.

4. Make sure that the blade is not chipped, cracked, or bent before using it. Never use a blade that is abnormal..

5. Please use a sharp blade that has been ground.

6. When grinding the blade, in order to prevent the blade from cracking, be sure to file the root of the tooth into an arc.

7. After tightening the screws on the blade, you should first turn the blade by hand to check whether there is up and down swing or abnormal sound. If there is up and down swing, it may cause abnormal vibration or blade fixed part of the loosening.

The above is the introduction of the use of hedgerow machine and precautions. If you want to buy hedgerow machine or other garden tools, you can contact us.

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