Development and Classification of Lawn Mower

Development and Classification of Lawn Mower


The lawn mower invented in 1805 was mainly used for harvesting grain and has since been continuously improved to form today's lawn mower. Mowers come in different models according to different classification standards. For example, according to the power system, it can be divided into human-animal drive, engine drive, electric drive and solar drive. The main types of mowers are hanging mowers, hanging mowers, reciprocating mowers, rotary mowers, lawn mowers and so on.

Development and Classification of Lawn Mower

Development and Classification of Lawn Mower

I.The Historical Development Process of Mower

1. In 1805, the British Plake invented the first lawn mower, a human-driven wheel mower, mainly used to harvest grain.

2. In 1830, British textile engineer Bill Pudding invented the roller lawn mower and obtained a patent.

3. In 1832, Ransom Farm Machinery Production Company began mass production of drum mowers.

4. In 1831, the British textile master Kabylia obtained the world-exclusive production of rolling grass machine patent.

5. In 1833, the Ransom Farm Machinery Production Company also began mass production of drum mowers.

6. The 19th-century drum mower was widely used in the green belt grass-cutting work beside the traffic road.

7. In 1902, the British made a drum mower powered by an internal combustion engine, and its working principle has been applied to this day.

II.How to Classify Lawn Mowers

According to different division standards, lawnmowers can have the following divisions:

1. According to the way of travel: intelligent semi-automatic towing type, after implementation type, mount type, tractor suspension type.

2. According to the power system: human-animal drive, engine drive, electric drive, solar drive.

3. According to the blade cutting method: hob type, rotary knife type, side hanging type, swinging knife type.

4. According to the operation requirements: flat type, half waist type, cut top type.

III.What are the Types of Lawn Mowers

(1) Hanging Lawn Mower

In terms of form, a hanging lawn mower can be either hung on its side or carried on its back. Compared to the two, the side-mounted type is more lightweight, durable, and more efficient. Hanging lawnmowers have the advantages of simple structure, portability, and flexibility. There are three types of hanging lawn mowers: front suspension, side suspension, and rear suspension, with rear suspension mowers being the most widely used.

Why hanging mowers are durable:

1) In theory, using approximately the same engine to achieve the same function, the more complex the structure, the more factors that can cause malfunctions. The backpack structure is more complex, so it is prone to problems. It's also true in actual use, as backpack style can easily cause problems.

2) From the actual situation, the domestic market for irrigation machines is basically a professional market, which requires durable machines. So, the domestic market basically does not use backpack style, almost all of them are side mounted.

(2) Reciprocating Lawn Mower

The reciprocating lawn mower relies on the relative shear motion of the moving and stationary blades on the cutter to cut grass. It is characterized by neat cutting and small power required per unit cutting width. But the adaptability to different growth states of forage is poor and easy to jam. Suitable for flat natural grassland and artificial grassland of general yield. Due to the large vibration of the cutter during operation, the improvement of operation speed is limited. The cutting speed of the knife is generally less than 3 meters/second, and the forward speed of the operation is generally 6 to 8 km/h.

(3) Rotary Mower

A rotary lawn mower with a high-speed rotating blade that impacts and cuts grass at a cutting speed of up to 60-90 meters per second. (Circumferential velocity at the root of the blade edge) The work is stable, and the operating forward speed can reach 15 km/h or more. The choice of the blade of the lawn mower is very important which means the quality of the lawn mower. When using a lawn mower to weed, the effect is better when the grass grows to 10-13 centimeters (cm). If the grass grows too high, it should be done in two steps. Cut the top part first, then the bottom part. When using a lawn mower, you should hold it with both hands and maintain a certain incline to the side of the tree so that the cut weeds fall to the edge of the tree as far as possible. Opening the medium-speed throttle and moving forward at a constant speed can save fuel consumption. When the resistance is too high or encountering obstacles, the blade should immediately swing back to avoid damage. One edge of the blade can be changed after it is worn. Blade replacement is also more convenient than reciprocating mower. In the rotary mower, in addition to the safety device similar to the reciprocating mower, the protective cover is also added above the cutter to ensure personal safety.

Use note: The rotary blade lawn mower relies on the high-speed rotation of the blade to cut grass. If the linear speed of the blade tip is not enough, the cutting effect is not good. So, when cutting grass, use a big throttle and a high speed. In addition, the carburettor and automatic speed regulating device of the lawn mower make it in the large throttle with no load and its fuel consumption is not high. Only when it is loaded, its speed will reach 2800 r.p.m. from 3400 r.p.m. without load. Therefore, it is not necessary to use a small throttle for fuel saving, and the grass-cutting effect is not good.

(4) Drum Mower

The transmission device of the drum mower is located above the cutter, so it is also called the upper transmission rotary mower. A drum mower is generally equipped with 1 to 4 vertical cylindrical or conical rollers in parallel. Each drum is equipped with a cutter head hinged with 2 to 6 blades, and the rotation trajectory of the blades on the adjacent cutter head has a certain overlap to avoid missing cutting. The roller is driven by tape or bevel gear, and the two adjacent rollers rotate relative to each other. The cut grass is sent by a pair of rollers and laid back into a neat grass strip. It can meet the requirements of low cutting, but the structure is not compact enough.

(5) Rotary Disc mower

The transmission device of the rotary disc mower is located below the cutter head, but the cutter head is higher because of the transmission device below it. In order to ensure low cutting and reduce recutting, the cutter head is usually tilted forward at a certain angle. When the resistance is too high or encountering obstacles, the blade should immediately swing back to ensure personal safety. There are also cutter heads hinged with special nylon ropes to cut grass by centrifugal force. The configurations of the blades on the adjacent cutter heads are interleaved, and the rotation paths of the blades overlap to a certain extent. The cutter head is generally driven by a gear, and the steering of the adjacent cutter head is opposite. It has the advantages of compact structure, smooth transmission, and reliability.

(6) Lawn Mower

Lawn mower is also known as weed whackers. Generally, the height of stubble after mowing should be determined according to the requirements of the lawn. When cutting grass, the height cut is one-third of the original height of the grass. Due to the special structure of the lawn mower, cutting grass can only be done horizontally along the slope, and cannot be done up or down the slope. Be particularly careful when turning on special places, such as slopes, and be careful of caves, grooves, mounds, and other obstacles in the grass.

(7) Cart Mower

New cart mower, no longer need to back mower. When using a backpack/side mounted lawn mower, you still have to carry it on your back, which can be tiring in just a few minutes. Switching to a self-propelled lawn mower is convenient, lightweight, and flexible. Don't worry about large and small fields such as plains, hills, terraces, triangular fields, and muddy fields, and can be used to harvest crops such as wheat, rice, legumes, shrubs, reeds, barley, alfalfa, fish and grass. It is easy to operate and has high work efficiency. It can cut one acre per hour and can also be carried by one person.

Advantages of cart mower:

1) Mowing the grass clean and neatly, adjusting the height, left and right, front and back without any effort.

2) Can be pruned (weeded) in lawns, orchards, estates, gardens and mountains.

3) No more stoop when working. People of all ages and both sexes is permissible.

4) Change the corresponding knives, install the upper and lower plates and safety shields, it also can harvest shrubs, grass, reeds and tea garden branches for pruning as well as trimming flower bed.

(8) Other Types of Lawn Mowers

A solar hybrid automatic lawn mower designed based on environmental protection——the solar lawn mower, which can be powered by battery power or solar power. It can handle 22,500 square feet of grass mowing work, and even handle a certain slope of grass. When solar power is not available, the mower can be powered by a battery that lasts for one hour and takes 45 minutes to fully recharge the battery.

The above is the history of the lawn mower and the general classification, if you want to know more or buy a lawn mower, you can contact us.

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