Remote control mower ——the new trend of mowing in modern agriculture

Remote control mower ——the new trend of mowing in modern agriculture


With the aging of the labor force in the rural agricultural market, traditional mechanical operation demands too much on people. In order to reduce the difficulty of using agricultural machines, remote-controlled weeding robots have appeared on the market. In line with the principle of improving agricultural production efficiency, and reducing agricultural labor intensity and production costs, there is the appearance of the remote control lawnmower.

Remote control mower ——the new trend of mowing in modern agriculture

Remote control mower

——the new trend of mowing in modern agriculture

What is a weeding robot?

Many people may have heard of the sweeping robot, a smart household appliance that can automatically clean the floor in a room with a certain amount of artificial intelligence. Generally, brush and direct air are used to absorb the ground debris into its garbage collection box, to complete the function of ground cleaning. The weeding robot is similar to the sweeping robot, except the weeding robot is an intelligent lawn mower used for outdoor weeding. People who have flowers and grass in the garden at home will find that with the growth of flowers and plants, some wildflowers and weeds also grow out, which requires the use of a lawn mower to clean up, but the use of it needs to cut grass in the courtyard under the big sun, for convenience, there is the advent of a remote control lawn mower.

Compared with the traditional lawnmower, the remote control lawnmower not only has the advantages of simple operation and high mowing efficiency but also can automatically complete the mowing task, reducing labor costs and time costs. It also has the advantages of safety, no noise, and high intelligence, which has become the main development direction of the lawnmower industry.

Crawler mower introduction

A Crawler mower with a small size, large horsepower, compact structure, and flexible operation can work under a tree.

Track driven, with strong climbing ability. It can truly achieve human-machine separation, with the efficiency of cutting 3-5 acres of land per hour, allowing operators to get rid of heavy physical labor and stay away from dangerous areas. Tender grass, mug wort, reeds, and shrubs as thick as fingers can all be cut. The machine has a high chassis, therefore it has strong climbing power and great expansion potential, making it particularly suitable for weeding between orchards and forests in mountainous areas. After installing a carrier, it can be transported between orchards and forests, and has flexible control, allowing for 360 degree rotation in place. The tracked remote control lawn mower saves a lot of manpower and improves the efficiency of mowing in complex areas, and has been widely praised since its listed.

The meaning of intelligent remote control lawn mower

Developing agricultural mechanization, and improving agricultural production efficiency are particularly important in such a big agricultural country as ours. As an essential tool in agricultural production, the lawn mower has a direct impact on the yield of crops, and its invention is a great progress of human civilization. In the highly developed country of animal husbandry mechanization, the research of new mowers is developing in the direction of high speed and energy saving, and we also join these ranks and strive to forge ahead together towards this goal.

This is the introduction of the remote lawn mower. If you are interested in the remote lawn mower, you can contact us.

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