Use and Maintenance of Chainsaw

Use and Maintenance of Chainsaw


In wood production, we will use a variety of mining machinery and equipment to ensure completed production tasks. Chainsaws are the perfect equipment for logging, which occupies a dominant position in wood production. Thus, doing good jobs in the use and maintenance of chainsaws plays a positive role in promoting stable wood production. Below is a brief explanation of the usage and maintenance of chainsaws

Use and Maintenance of Chainsaw

Use and Maintenance of Chainsaw

I. The Use of Chainsaws

1. Preparation of the chainsaw before operation

(1) Clean the outside of the chainsaw, and wash the saw chain and guide with gasoline. Then dip the saw chain and the head of the guide plate in clean oil, so that the oil can permeate into the moving joints of the parts, so as to maintain a good condition when sawing.

(2) Turn off the circuit switch, then remove the spark plug, and slowly pull up the handle to see whether there is stuff in the cylinder. Pouring about 5ml of oil into the cylinder from the spark plug hole, and then blocking it with the right thumb, slowly pull the handle about 10 times, so that the oil is fully used in the cylinder, piston and piston ring. Next loosen the thumb, and slowly pull the handle several times to discharge the remaining oil in the cylinder, and clean all around the spark plug hole. Then wipe the spark plug with gauze soaked in gasoline and blow dry. Open the circuit switch, insert the spark plug in the spark plug cap, hold it with your hand, and make outside contact with the cylinder cover. The other hand quickly pulls up the handle and observes whether the spark plug flares. If it burns, it indicates that the circuit system is normal; If not, troubleshoot until normal. Finally put the spark plug back in place.

(3) Pour a little gasoline into the fuel tank to clean the inner cavity, pour gasoline after cleaning, and then fill up the mixed oil. Turn off the circuit switch, lift the choke valve button, and quickly pull the handle about 6 times, and then remove the spark plug, observe. If the spark plug core is wet, the oil line is normal. If the spark plug core is dry, the fault should be removed until normal, and then the spark plug is installed.

(4) Wipe the clutch seat, passive disc and its surroundings, install the reducer, clamp, and adjust the tightness of the clamp, and then fill the oil tank with clean oil.

(5) Install the saw chain guide plate, and the round head of the adjustment block on the reducer guide plate should be inserted into the adjustment hole of the guide plate. It is best to tighten the saw chain by turning the adjusting screw clockwise. Chainsaw loose, tightly adjust, and tighten the two fixing nuts. Finally, the adjusting screw must be tightened so that it is always in a tight state to ensure that the saw chain is not loose during use.

(6) Check whether all S-screws and nuts on the chainsaw have been tightened.

2. Starting

The starting method of the chainsaw is as follows:

First turn off the circuit switch, raise the starting button to the highest position, so that the choke valve of the carburetor is in the fully closed position;

Then pull the handle 4 ~ 5 times;

Then open the circuit switch, and press the starting button down by half, so that the choke valve is in the half-open position;

Finally, pull the handle quickly to start.

Note: Do not start the chainsaw when the gearbox is not installed to prevent the clutch block from flying out.

3. Sawmilling

The direction of the guide plate should be adjusted according to the purpose of the operation.

First loosen the clamp slightly, turn the reducer box, so that the direction of the guide is consistent with the purpose of the operation, and then lock the clamp. When the clamping force of the clamp is not enough, the adjusting nut can be tightened to increase the locking force. When sawing, first insert the bottom tooth of the wood tooth into the trunk to make the saw smooth, and then slowly increase the throttle while cutting.

Note: The saw chain should be light and slow when it is just put on the tree, and then increase the speed of sending data after cutting in a few centimeters. When logging and building materials, generally maintain a moderate throttle. When logging, the force applied to the handle should be commensurate with the power of the engine. Once the phenomenon of jamming is found, the throttle should be quickly reduced and the data should be withdrawn at the same time. It is prohibited to open the throttle when the saw chain is stuck, which will burn out the clutch or greatly reduce the service life of the clutch.

4. Transfer and refueling

During the use of the chainsaw, there is often a situation of moving or adding fuel. The engine must be stopped when moving in the working area. When transferring between operation areas, the saw chain must be removed or the saw chain protective jacket must be added to ensure the safety of personnel and machinery.

5. Shutdown

Before stopping, the engine should run at idle speed for 2 to 3 minutes, then turn off the oil switch, and then stop. After stopping, turn off the circuit switch again. This prevents the carburetor from freezing.

In the process of use, the working state of the chainsaw should be observed at any time when there is an abnormal situation, it should be stopped immediately for inspection, and it is never allowed to work with disease


II. Maintenance

Chainsaw maintenance is generally divided into daily maintenance and 50h maintenance. Doing a good job of normal maintenance work is the main way to improve labor productivity and extend the service life of the chainsaw.

1. Daily maintenance

Daily maintenance is the maintenance carried out after work every day, and its items are as follows:

(1) Remove the saw chain guide and wash it with gasoline or mixed oil. Then the chainsaw guide is soaked in oil and installed the next day.

(2) Remove the starter seat and cylinder cover, and remove stolen items from flywheel blades, magneto control box, iron core and cylinder heat sink.

(3) Remove the empty filter net and wash it with gasoline or mixed oil.

(4) Clean all the nuts and screws on the surface of the chainsaw.

2. 50h maintenance

50h maintenance is the maintenance of the chainsaw after every 50h of operation, and its items are:

(1) Remove the cylinder, and remove the carbon deposit in the cylinder combustion chamber, exhaust port and the stolen goods between the heat sink, and remove it on the top of the piston, the piston ring and the silencer. Be careful not to damage the parts.

(2) Remove the carbon deposit from the spark plug and clean it.

(3) Clean and check the crankcase, crankshaft and connecting rod.

(4) Remove stolen goods from the surface of flywheel, cylinder cover, starter and other parts, and check for abnormal phenomena.

(5) Remove the carburetor, and clean the pump oil chamber and balance chamber.

(6) Remove the gearbox cover, clean the oil in the gearbox chamber with gasoline, and then apply butter on the bearings and gears.

(7) Unscrew the oil tank cap, and clean the oil tank and filter with gasoline.

(8) Clean the fuel tank and fuel filter.

(9) In the cleaning process, you should check the cylinder, piston, piston ring, connecting rod size head bearing pair, reducer gear, sprocket and other major parts of the phenomenon of serious wear or damage, if there is a need for timely repair or replacement.

(10) After cleaning and assembly, the engine should run for 10 minutes before it can be recorded. If the cylinder, piston, piston ring, crankshaft connecting rod assembly has been replaced, it should be run for 1 hour before sawing.


In short, in the process of using the chainsaw, we must always maintain the technical state of the chainsaw, ensure that the operator can operate in accordance with the rules, constantly sum up experience. All the truth comes from practice, so as to make the wood production smoothly, in order to effectively ensure the completion of wood harvesting tasks.

The above is the specific operation use and maintenance of chainsaws. If you want to buy chainsaws, please contact us.

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